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  • There's no better gift than a good night's sleep

  • Made in Canada with sustainable materials

  • Sleep soundly, without aches and pains.

There's no better gift than a good night's sleep


We want you to have a good night's sleep.

Are you a side sleeper? Have you ever needed to tuck a pillow between your knees?

Get cozy by wrapping your arms and legs around our sleep bolster, which keeps your spine aligned throughout the night. This plush (yet elegant) body pillow will help you stay comfortable throughout the night for fewer aches in the morning!

Sleep Bolster + Pillowcase Sleep Bolster + Pillowcase
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Sleep Bolster + Pillowcase
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Sleep Bolster Body Pillow Sleep Bolster Body Pillow
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Sleep Bolster Body Pillow
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An idea born from two cultures

Our founder was born in Jakarta, and has slept with a bolster for her entire life. This type of body pillow, aka "guling" in Indonesian, is popular across Asia (especially Southeast Asia). She wanted bring this cherished pillow across the ocean to Canada, where she now calls home.


How we made our bolster

It took us 1.5 years and many different prototypes to figure out exactly what our pillow would be like. We're so excited to be working with manufacturers in Canada across Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.


What is a sleep bolster?

A sleep bolster is a squishy body pillow meant to be used by wrapping your arms and legs around it. It helps to keep your spine aligned throughout the night, which helps to increase comfort and prevent aches and pains.

How is it different from a regular body pillow?

The shape! This bolster has a soft, cylindrical shape that's smaller than the average North American body pillow. This means you'll experience less flattening over time, as the pillow gets routinely rotated. You can also easily fit more than one in the bed - perfect for couples (or someone who wants to be extra comfy)!

PS. This is an A+ pillow fight prop.