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From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to do justice to this beloved pillow. More than just being a comfortable sleep staple, it has a cultural significance as well. We didn’t want to just drop ship a product that we didn’t believe in.
Over one and half years, we iterated on many different prototypes before we were finally happy with the exact shape, size, and materials. We personally tested (ie. slept with and put through the washer/dryer) prototypes made of different fills, different amounts of those fills, and different cover fabrics. The result is a product that we truly love and stand behind. We sleep with them every night and hope that you will too!
We looked at producing it in Indonesia, but after reaching out to several manufacturers, we realized that the cost of trans-Pacific shipping would be too high. Shipping rates were made much worse by the COVID pandemic, and so we went back to the drawing board.
We had the idea of manufacturing a bit closer to home, in Canada. We cold-called countless factories across BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Most of them didn’t respond or weren’t interested, but one pillow-making factory in Quebec and one cutting & sewing operation in Mississauga took a chance on us. We also found a woodworker in Saskatchewan to make the bamboo cord stoppers we use to hold the cover ties in place.
The result is a trans-Canada supply chain. The pillow shells are filled and closed in Quebec with sustainable polyester fibre reconstituted from post-consumer plastic bottles. The pillow covers are made from Tencel, which is a sustainable fabric derived from raw wood that is smooth and cool to the touch. Bamboo, which is relatively sustainable to harvest given its short growing cycle, is used to make the cord stoppers.